Triart Studios Photographers – Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Triart Studios

Triart Studios

Triart Studios
© Frank H. Jump

Telephone Exchange: Clarendon-8


7 responses to “Triart Studios Photographers – Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

  1. Sweet ad! I really shouldn’t use that expression, my daughter informs me I’m too old…

  2. Thanks! I kinda like the bird in the first shot. Love catching pigeons in flight with an ad like in this Uneeda Biscuit ad. Tell your daughter that you are never too old. Just turned 48 on Wednesday. No longer a kid but I can still say sweet. My student’s think I’m “mad” old.

  3. wow flatbush is a long long street. i wonder where this is.

  4. Wow!! Memories! Me and my brother had our First Communion pictures taken inside this studio in 1969 and 1970. I’ll need to check with my Mom, but I think they also did her wedding shots in 1960. Always beautiful work.

  5. Not Clarendon 8. CLoverdale.