Sunday’s Feature Fade: Miss Heather’s Greenpoint Ads

Syrup of Figs - Miss Heather
Syrup of Figs – Franklin Street & Greenpoint Avenue

Men's Clothing - Manhattan Avenue
Men’s Clothes “119-125 Walker Street” – Hannes Taylor Advertising – Manhattan Avenue

Commercial Street - Miss Heather
“Warner…Floor Lamps – Silk Shades” – Commercial Street © Miss Heather,

Miss Heather publishes the wildy eclectic and brilliantly excretory Greenpoint blog New York Shitty. Miss Heather sent me some of these images of fading ads she took when she wasn’t aiming down. Keep looking up Miss Heather!

5 responses to “Sunday’s Feature Fade: Miss Heather’s Greenpoint Ads

  1. I tried to decipher the words in the Syrup of Figs ad and with the help of Google
    Books found a vintage ad at the link,M1

    Syrup of Figs was a laxative made in the 1890s by the California Fig Syrup Co. The active ingredient was senna, not figs, but in those days there was no Truth in Labeling law or an FDA.

    The words at the top of the ad look like “Kind to System”. Below “Syrup of Figs” it says “Genuine” and “Manufactured By”. The last line is probably “California Fig Syrup Co.”

  2. Ms. Heather –

    We met on the G train where you noticed the Liberia disconnect ad to South America and I pointed out ‘this is the last stop’ twilight zone sign was running throughout the whole trip. This is a great photo shoot. There was one in lower Manhattan for a long time (probably ripped down by now) with a Vaudeville theater logo and a Castor oil ad. It was near Ann street, I believe. Look forward to your other Brooklyn Tirades.

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  4. is this in north adams mass. ?

  5. Sara- These are in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY