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Fading Ad Blog is Officially One Year Old!

Birthday Cake

Time flies when your fading. And blah blah blogging. Fading Ad Campaign Website just turned nine years old. The project’s inception was February 1997. Thank you for coming along for the ride and your collaborations!

Kingston Lounge – Bergen & Kingston – Crown Heights, Brooklyn – January 2006

Kingston Lounge - Bergen & Kingston - Jan 2006

Kingston Lounge - Bergen & Kingston - Jan 2006
© Frank H. Jump

New Oranges & Old Plums – Lenny Kravitz & Rosario Dawson @ Plum – May 18, 2006

Lenny & Rosa

Lenny & Rosa
© Frank H. Jump

Recently I saw this poster in Little Italy of Lenny Kravitz with the oranges lining the street and thought about Vitamin C. I had heard he was sick with bronchitis and had canceled some of his tour dates. When I took this shot, I remembered the crazy night when we were all out celebrating Rosa’s birthday at Plum (formerly Nell’s on Fourteenth Street), that infamous night Tommy Hilfiger punched Axl Rose (I missed the whole thing- I was having too much fun dancing and annoying the paparazzi with my flash). It was a media circus. I have some really fun shots of that evening and will share some perhaps on the second anniversary of that night now that I’ve located the files. Pardon the non sequitur.

Sunday’s Feature Fade: Miss Heather’s Greenpoint Ads

Syrup of Figs - Miss Heather
Syrup of Figs – Franklin Street & Greenpoint Avenue

Men's Clothing - Manhattan Avenue
Men’s Clothes “119-125 Walker Street” – Hannes Taylor Advertising – Manhattan Avenue

Commercial Street - Miss Heather
“Warner…Floor Lamps – Silk Shades” – Commercial Street © Miss Heather, newyorkshitty.com

Miss Heather publishes the wildy eclectic and brilliantly excretory Greenpoint blog New York Shitty. Miss Heather sent me some of these images of fading ads she took when she wasn’t aiming down. Keep looking up Miss Heather!