OUCH! Bandwidth Overage Charges Hit Fading Ad Blog Hard

Royal We

PLEASE CLICK ON THE “ROYAL WE” above if we so care to.

We have been so popular lately (thank you) that we seriously went over our bandwidth allotment with Earthlink (by the end of February, we may rack up thousands in overage charges). Earthlink is not willing to negotiate and we need to rethink our ten year relationship with them.

But in the meantime, at the risk of sounding desperate, we are asking for donations if we have ever enjoyed this site. Please visit our PayPal donation account. Your pennies will either make a difference or else we will HAVE to sell the crown jewels.

Perhaps we need to make our images less lush (in megabytes) and find a server company that isn’t so expensive and unreasonable. Any bloggerly advice would be surely welcomed. Maybe we even have to ADVERTISE! Heavens the thought – a blog about advertising advertising!

The official PAYPAL seal is also on our website. WE thank you for your continued interest in this blog.

Frank Jump

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