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Those Doggone Days Are Gone – ThelmaLu In Memoriam 1993 – 2008

ThelmaLu - 1993 - 2008


Sparky & ThelmaLu
© Frank H. Jump

Sadly, our most devoted friend ThelmaLu has died. After nearly 15 years of loyal friendship, Enzo and I had her euthanised yesterday in the Poconos. ThelmaLu’s remains will be cast on the waters and sand where she enjoyed her life the most. Spark (the bastard) ran away several years back and has reportedly been shacking up with another Flatbush family.

Beachface (Ft Tilden) – 2005 © Frank H. Jump

ThelmaLu is seen running in the background. I’m in the foreground giving mucho attitude.

Unplanned Spy Satellite Re-entry Imminent

“A controlled re-entry: the space shuttle leaves a trail of ionized gas across the Texas sky, en route to a landing at the Kennedy Space Center.” – Visual Satellite Observer’s Home Page

But this unplanned re-entry is anything but controlled. Read what FEMA has planned to safeguard us in these First Responder’s Guides. Here is more on satellite re-entries.

Current Position of USA
Current position of decaying spy satellite USA 193.

UPDATE THURSDAY February 21, 2008 – The U.S Government has destroyed the spy satellite not only for fear of it raining on populated areas, but for secret spy equipment falling into Chinese or other foreign hands.

Wheatpaste Grocery Ads – Hamilton Avenue, Gowanus 2004

Wheatpaste Ads

Wheatpaste Ads
© Frank H. Jump