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Happy Anniversary Vincenzo! Lesbian & Gay Nuptuals Four Years Ago in Toronto on Valentine’s Day

Marriage License
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Enzo & Frank with Mayor of Toronto, David Miller
Enzo & Frank with Mayor David Miller of Toronto (courtesy of Dr. Erik Marzano).

Italian American Newspaper Covers Gay Wedding on Valentine's Day
“Happy Valentine’s Day: Love is For Everyone!”

Four years ago today when the rest of LGBTQ America was flocking to San Francisco to get married on that fateful Valentine’s Day Weekend, seven American couples decided to go to Toronto where the law was enacted and not likely to be rescinded any time soon. Although most of the SF same-sex marriages were later deemed null and void (sorry Rosie O’Donnell), the weddings still took place and the memories persist. Hopefully the relationships still do as well. Statistically, same-sex marriages last longer that opposite sex marriages. Vincenzo and I have been co-habitating for almost 18 years. This June is our anniversary for our first date.

Our marriage was televised live from Vancouver to Nova Scotia in the morning of February 14, 2004. The ceremony was conducted by The Honourable Judge Harvey Brownstone. Later, there was a reception at City Hall thrown by the Mayor of Toronto David Miller and his staff. We were followed all around town (even into our hotel room) by the local paparazzi. Click here for more pics from the AP news agencies.

The Kiss from Coast to Coast
The Kiss (photo by Mark Peterson)

Evolution Under Siege In Florida

Kyle Baker

As the Florida state board of education prepared to consider a final draft of a new set of state science standards, Floridians offered their opinions at a last-minute meeting held in Orlando on February 11, 2008. Over eighty speakers addressed the state commissioner of education, Eric Smith, and, via webcast, the board. A video of the entire meeting is available on the department’s website. As the Orlando Sentinel (February 12, 2008) reported, “They came from one end of Florida to the other, and with views on evolution as far apart as the 800 miles that separate the Keys from the Panhandle.” Observers estimated that there were about twice as many speakers opposing the treatment of evolution in the new standards as there were speakers who applauded it. – National Center for Science Education

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Ft. Greene’s Beer Garden – Thomas Beisl – Across from BAM

Thomas Beisl - Viennese Bar Restaurant

Thomas Beisl

Thomas Beisl

Thomas Beisl

Thomas Beisl
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Always enjoyed sitting at the bar with a cheese and wurst plate, an Austrian beer on tap and an espresso with a linzertort mit schlag to finish off. Great soups too! The garden out back (which feels like out front) is a wonderful Brooklyn getaway in the summer, while still being in the thick of things.