The Home of Monique, Quality Products Co. – Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Home of Monique

Home of Monique
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  1. The Quality Cosmetics Corporation, manufacturer of Monique hair and skin products, was established in 1961 in the former Federal Brewing Company. The company address was 310-328 Dean St., Brooklyn. They made toilet and cosmetic preparations in liquid and cream form, including facial creams and facial or beauty masks. Their moisturizing cream was called Monique Unguent.

    The Monique trademark was registered on August 1, 1939. At that time the company address was 62-70 W. 14th St., New York. The trademark registration has expired according to the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

    A beautiful color drawing of the Federal Brewing Company and its history is at the link: .

  2. Thanks for the history Robert! Was this a company about which you had some prior knowledge?


  3. I had never heard of this company before but the faded sign high up on the building caught my interest. And after some Internet browsing I was able to find a few facts and link the company to the very historic Federal Brewing Company.

    Since Monique made personal care products it is likely they used some pigments approved for cosmetics. Brooklyn had several pigment manufacturers such as the Harmon Color Works on Harman St., H. Kohnstamm on Columbia St., and Ansbacher on North 7th St. and Union Ave. Pigments were also made by the G. Siegle Co. in Rosebank, Staten Island.

  4. Thanks Robert. Looking forward to posting your New Orleans pix this weekend as a “weekend special edition.”

  5. The last time I purchased Monique unguent was about thirty years ago. It was quite expensive and had to be purchased from a beauty parlor, as it was not available in local stores. The company address at that time was Boynton Beach, FL.

  6. Believe it or not, I have a half-filled jar of Unguent Monique which was my aunts, and who knows how old it is! I’ve saved it because I would hope that some cosmetic company might analyze it’s formula and copy it. I love the dewey look it imparts

  7. I was cleaning out my basement and hve a box for a “Winco Electric Neck Collar” (a heating pad that was in a collar form with a tie in the front) that I used for neck ache from about the late 60s. The box has “Winco Affiliates, INc., 310-328 Dean Street, Brooklyn NY 11217.” I googled the address and found your site. There appears to be some Winco medical products at anothr address apparantly bought by a bigger supplier.

  8. Cool Lori. Scan it and send it in! How is the graphics? Frank

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