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Old Signs from Down Under – Peeling the Onion

Peeling the Onion - Old Signs of Melbourne Australia
© Stephen Banham/Letterbox

Found this site via One Plus One Equals Three – an Australian Blog.

Sunkist – Original Farmers Market – Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Sunkist -Original Farmer's Market - Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
© Frank H. Jump

Sunkist -Original Farmer's Market - Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Hotel Becker – Hardin, Montana

Hotel Becker - Hardin, Montana - Bob Kisken
© Bob Kisken

M & O Cigars – Miles City, Montana

M & O Cigars - Miles City, MT - Bob Kisken
© Bob Kisken

I have been told that at one time cities had their own
cigar makers. Perhaps this is one of those. Cheers, Bob