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Manhattan Skies – From West 34th b/w 7th & 8th Avenues

Manhattan Skyline - Frank H. Jump
While taking a picture of the “world’s largest wall ad,” I turned right and snapped.

House Passes Less Gendered ENDA – Religious Right Still On Offensive

House Passes ENDA
House Passes ENDA


House Passes ‘Less Gendered’ ENDAReligious Right, Concerned Women & Other Rabid Bigots On the Offensive

Other (More Tolerant) Religious Views

Classic Advertecture – Towleroad

Classic Advertecture

Advertising Lab Nods @ Fading Ad Campaign

Baby Ruth Candy - Fading Ad Campaign www.frankjump.com

Is This the Largest Wall Ad in the World? West 34th & Eighth Avenue, NYC

World's Largest Wall Ad - NYC
© Frank H. Jump

This sign is claimed to be the largest wall advertisement on the planet. Any rivals are surely welcome to claim and post.