Virgin Leaf Tobacco – FDR Drive, Harlem NYC

Virgin Leaf Tobacco - Harlem NYC

Virgin Leaf Tobacco - FDR Drive, Harlem NYC
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6 responses to “Virgin Leaf Tobacco – FDR Drive, Harlem NYC

  1. Joan Tilghman

    I can’t believe the pictures. D.H. McAlpin was my great grandfather. I am writing our family history and can’t believe that I found these pictures

  2. Joan,

    I started the wikipedia article on DH McAlpin and would love to collaborate with you regarding family history. DHM was my ggg grandfather, descended through Gen EA McAlpin

    Dick Cryan

  3. Please keep us all posted here at the Fading Ad Blog! Would love to get a link to your Wiki-article Richard, and Joan- send us pics and captions if you can. Best, Frank

  4. Here’s the link to Wikipedia:

    Includes some information on the McAlpin Tobacco Company too.

  5. Dear Dick,
    I guess we are cousins. You have done an amazing job with your research. I don’t have much to add but a few trivial notes on the McAlpin Hotel and his family, also how he bought land on 90th St. and built three houses for three of his sons. After Xmas I will get to work. Where are you living. I am in Hobe Sound FL.

  6. Joan, I live in Boston. The portrait of David Hunter is hanging in my house. Yes, we are cousins – 2nd cousins twice removed to be exact. Drop me an email at and we can share further, I have an extensive family tree online which you can access.

    Have a great Christmas!