Coca-Cola Ad in Keene, NH – Pumpkin Festival

© Brian from Dallas, PA

© Brian from Dallas, PA
courtesy of Brian (formerly from Dallas, PA)

My buddy Brian took these shots on his way up to a Pumpkin Festival on Washington Street in Keene, New Hampshire. More pumpkin facts: as in most vine flowers, pumpkin flowers are either male or female (rarely hermaphroditic or perfect flowers- which contain both male and female flower parts – as in roses).

This photo depicts a funny marriage between pumpkin flowers &
© Coca-Cola

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7 responses to “Coca-Cola Ad in Keene, NH – Pumpkin Festival

  1. The advertisement on the building is a real work of art. Great capture.

  2. I’ll forward your comments to Brian! Always love a good Coke ad.

  3. This is like the first that I have ever seen a pumpkin flower.

  4. They are delicious stuffed with ricotta, parmesan & provolone cheeses, chopped parsley and some pancetta, dipped in flour and egg and fried.

  5. Odd bit of pentimento with that ad, with the effect being created by two different signs for the same product!

  6. I know this is an old post, but I wanted to comment that this Coke ad was put there for the movie Jumanji.

  7. Hey thanks for that piece of history Chel! Here’s one in Carbondale PA that they could have modeled this faux ad after!