Joni Has a Shine on Reverend Carlton Pearson

Shine on Reverend Pearson
Who threw away
The vain old God…” Joni Mitchell, Shine

On November 19th, I’m scheduled to speak at a dinner and exhibition of my work at the Marble Collegiate Church on Fifth Avenue and 29th Street in Manhattan @ 6PM as part of their “GIFTS” program, an LGBT outreach:

GIFTS is a gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered community at Marble Collegiate Church that seeks to reconcile spirituality and sexuality through God’s love. By celebrating the common threads between our lives and faith journeys, we embrace our spiritual inheritance. We welcome all who wish to grow and be energized through Christian fellowship and service.

In my search for a way to address issues of “faith” (in both Science & Religion) which I’ve always approached with skepticism and downright cynicism, I’ve become aware of the work of Reverend Carlton Pearson by way of Joni Mitchell. Mitchell addresses her own cynicism with the Church in her title track Shine on her recent CD with Hear Music/Starbucks. So I’ve done some Internet soul-searching and found these two YouTube pieces about a remarkable Pentecostal preacher who has had the audacity to give up Hell and embrace all “God’s children.”

“God is not a Christian.” Rev. Carlton Pearson

But does She recycle plastic 4’s, 5’s & 6’s?

Will Carlton Pearson ‘Win’?



12 responses to “Joni Has a Shine on Reverend Carlton Pearson

  1. Funny how Haggard featured in the second part of the report is so aware of selling Hell, “Its the market,” he says. Where are you now Mr. Haggard?

  2. After Haggart’s outing, I’m sure he is somewhere with his tail between his legs. Or something.


    Carlton, You’re on the right track! You don’t need the huge congregation. Remember Gideon’s 300. Let me share here what I include with every Ebay description:
    2 Peter 3:9 states that God desires ALL men to be saved. Now only 1/3 of the population of the Earth even claim to be Christians so this leaves us with a 33% God and a 67% devil!! So God’s influence to the world is DEFEATED by the devil’s influence! God’s OMNISCIENCE & OMNIPOTENCE is DEFEATED by man’s FREE WILL while, all of the time, God has the power to, “Work in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure” [Phil 2:13]!!! Does this make any sense to you?? God ends up the quantitative loser to the devil and unable to fulfill His deepest desire!! Any way you slice it that’s what it amounts to!! This is a greater BLASPHEMY than anything ever written by the church of satan!! You call this God awesome? I call him an impotent failure! Now a FOOLPROOF way for God to succeed would be to give man as many incarnations as necessary! Now it should be OBVIOUS, to any thinking person, that, given UNLIMITED incarnations, EVENTUALLY EVERYONE would REALIZE the plan of salvation, embrace it and be saved. So, what most denominations [NOT ALL] are teaching is that God, in His infinite foreknowledge, chose a plan that He foreknew would FAIL over a plan that He foreknew would SUCCEED!!!! DUH!
    The greatest terrorist organizations in the world are organized religions with their dark, pagan doctrines of “original sin”, “eternal hell” and the “devil”!! These lies were EDITED INTO their holy books, including the Bible [during the early compilation years], by the powers that ruled, for the purpose of scaring the masses into the pews and controlling them!! This is the greatest form of terrorism simply because it deals with man’s ETERNAL DESTINY!! This is how most church’s “Gospel of Peace” goes: You have to accept Jesus before you die. You might die any moment so you can’t wait until it is REAL to you but your decision must be genuine and sincere or it don’t count and you will burn in hell forever!! Gospel of Peace? In a pig’s ear! Nothing peaceful in that!! That is a high pressure message of fear, guilt, unrest and daily torment!!
    This is the TRUE GOSPEL of PEACE: Our omniscient, omnipotent, awesome God will accomplish universal salvation through reincarnation – a doctrine that was EDITED OUT during the early compilation years. [You can’t scare the masses into the pews and control them if they know they’ll have more chances]. NO HELL, NO DEVIL, EVERYONE will be saved and, also, you are in NO WAY responsible for your spiritual growth – it’s ALL GOD!! [Where do you think you got the where-with-all to do “your part” in the past] [So I can go do whatever I want to? Yes, and it won’t affect your eternal destiny. It will, however, affect your immediate destiny!] SO RELAX!! LET GOD DO IT!! SHANTI [inner peace] SHANTI [inner peace] SHANTI [inner peace] !!!!!!!

  4. Leave the Reincarnation part out. “Man is meant to die (physically) once, then (sometimes in the future EONS), the Judgement.”…..Jesus.
    Universal Conciliation is a GREEK text proven exegesis, and cannot be refuted; the problem is: 1>0 many believe in SOUL Sleep; 2.) many don’t believe in a separate SOUL; 3.) many don;t believe HELL (the grave) is just “EON-lasting” and that Jesus illustrated to us His preaching to the spirits in the grave (HELL) as a example that persons (“souls”) still have the opportunity to change their “minds” – ‘soulish positions’. The Atonement covers ALL the EONS up to the end of the Lake of Fire (purification so as by Fire). When ALL stand at the Great reconciliation, they will SEE Him for who and what He really is – “seeing will be believing”, like in the times of Jesus on Earth. For now, we have ;faith’ and grace comes by this, thru the word. Nothing is Scripture is tied to ‘an everlasting’…. every word used is “AN EON” or a series of “EONS”. KJV never knew the greek ‘plural and singular forms of these words; and if they did, they blantantly contorted the translation into an INTERPRETATION! The Latin and English translations are SHAMES and travesties pumped out my power mongers – wolves in sheep’s clothing who worship Mammon rather than God and His ‘original’ written word.
    Mankind traverses through a series of “EONS” to the end, only to be drawn into the great reconciling of ALL, so that God WILL BE “ALL in ALL.” We are NOT ‘reincarnated’ into another flesh body… those who need further opportunity ride the rest of the way in their “soulish” state through these eonian places, all the way to the END, up to the resurrestion state, where they get a raised body, then they can be convinced to join the rest of SAVED humanity.

    • Hey- everyone is entitled to believe in their own mythology.

    • Dear Ross- I do agree the questions of why we are here and where we go when we are gone have been asked by humans since the dawn of self-awareness. All cultures have created their mythologies around answering these questions. I honor your quest to find the truths that suit you. However, to assume that all people feel this way is quite a big assumption. I don’t feel there is a gene that dictates this thought process. I have had many experiences with various religions only to reject all of them. I don’t believe in the afterlife, nor do I believe in any past. All due respect for your personal quest. My reality does not hinge on worrying what happens when I die. Nothingness in itself is something. Virtual particles pop in and out of existence in a total vacuum. That in itself is a remarkable speculation.

  5. Ontology & Eschatology of mankind is and has been a super important question on the minds of men for as long as men have lived: even the Neanderthal buried their dead with trinkets. This is not a mythology or invention of the mind. The question derives from a deep subconscious ’embed’ or ‘archetypal’ memory of a ‘perfection’ buried in the eonian past – and everyone knows this concept of “the perfect” yet NO ONE can find an example? How then do we have this idea there is such a thing? Let alone determain bad things are inperfect, if we have NO example to compare the BAD or imperfect with? This is a genetic memory handed down through DNA. It’s a memory trace that effects “us” or the self. Plus, the majority agree that death seems a bit too unfair or not very just. This causes most people to FALL back on this memory trace with hope and faith, that tyhere is a PERFECT, beings that EVERYONE agrees there is imperfection here. Perfection and imperfection are not really totally defined, but we KNOW about them. Same as a dumb ass looking at a computer; he knows nothing about it, nor understands; nor can he define it and tell you how it works, but he KNOWS it’s there.
    The anser to this big question of Man’s origin and destiny lies in a parallel world or dimension and it seems all place it after a human stops living – that body is dead, “so, we have to bury it so it doesn’t stink up the house.” Ug!”. “Grunt”…dah??? But, death seems to beg a question of where that loved one went to? This leaves TWo possible answers not provable either way: 1.) that person ceases to exist for all times. 2.) that person moved on! and thus I will too, and even may re-join them. This leave us all with only TWO virtues: 1.) Hope and 2.) no hope. TAKE YOUR PICK.
    “I cannot remember a time, nor recall a memory where I did not exist?” When I look into the infinite future, where there is no end, I cannot see a time where I will not exist.”
    St. Paul: ” …that you may be knowing that you have ‘age-lasting and beyond’ life.”
    When Mrs Eisenhower was asked what she thought of life after death, or religion: Jesus?, she answered: “It’s better to believe than not.”

  6. Hmm. Interesting. yea, things seem to pop into this material existence from somewhere, and thus are ‘something’. I have quietly considered, that all this was NOt created from ‘no-thing’. Matter maybe be the something we guage all by, but this does not mean the NON-matter world is a NOTHING. It is something. Energy? And from energy, matter comes to “BE”. Why cannot a human be “energy” and come from that realm, and have consciousness tied to it – self awareness, then when the matter dies, we energy with that ‘consciousness, leaves and we go “somewhere” else? Maybe, reliogion is wrong and mistranslated scared verses, when the truth maybe we are all “ever-existent” entities? Hey, check this Youtube vid out and let me know what ya think.

  7. I am so happy to find Rev. Pearson’s story. *All* of it is inspiring. “Liking” God, to me, is as important as “loving” (or “fearing”) Him. He welcomes the little children and bids us to be like them. “For of such…” Have a MERRY Christmas, everyone! And God bless Rev. Pearson. And thanks, God, for being so perfect.

  8. Dear Ross- I am all too familiar with the anthropomorphic theories of the uni-(multi)-verse and carbon chauvinism. Even the most conservative theories in quantum/cosmological physics predict multiple universes – perhaps even infinite ones. So the idea that there was once nothing almost becomes as unfathomable as there always being something. We are quite a curious product of the randomness of the cosmos, to be able to ponder the existence of a cosmos we can’t even see – most of which we call “dark” because we just don’t know what or where it all is. We never really will know the answers to what happens the moment we lose biological functioning. But it sure is exciting to be able to share a dialogue about it.

    Let’s hope in the future we stop killing each other about our beliefs, realize truth is not with a capital T and learn to live with our shared and unshared dogmas and myths. If there is a supreme being, I wish it would give us the strength to accept the diversity of the human condition, rather than use our “divine” energy to divide ourselves. We do need unity, but not a tyrannical unity- but a loving and accepting unity.

  9. You are so right in this last one. I have to say, you’re a heck of a lot more intelligent than I am. but, you’re right, so much division and hateful separations, rather than curiosity and the excitement of other’s views and learnings. Believe me, some of my dearest friends are athiests, and they seem to be like the ‘other side of my coin’ so to speak. They even love me!? None of us ever argue like I do with my KJV ONLY cult friends. We actually have wonderful interesting mixed talks about religion, science, metaphysics and just a lot of times blab about the wonders of that vast universe out there. YOU sound like a great person to converse with, and it is such a shame I probably will never meet you to have such a conversation – I hate typing. I speak much better. Anyway, in my understanding, if there be a THEOS, it has promised to reconcile ALL THINGS, or at least ‘keep’ all things in some ballance, and not lose one thing. I flushed down the sink of traditional despair, the old sectarian religion of limited conciliation. I ‘type’ religion in a way to my electronics work – ya can’t have a fully running gadget, if you CUT off HALF of the necessary elements and pitch them in a trash can. GOD is not a wastful GOD: ENERGY is not wasteful, and He never created garbage anyway… somethings is wrong? – maybe ALL of us are so short sighted, that’s why children look the other way when we talk? And they just play and have fun. It’s when we tell them they have to pay TAXES one day, that they swallow the bitter pill and lose that innocence.
    It’s too simple, that’s why. Seems like when we teach a baby to ask questions, we screw it up. We should at least tell IT that there are not any answers really that we can fully understand, but just life is to be LIVED. …UH, Opps?.. maybe the baby should tell us to just LIVE IT and stop the adult insanity??? But what the hell, I like playing with both ends of the stick! Maybe humans should learn ballance rather: Play mud with mud pies one minute, then contemplate how many number values there are between -1 and +1 and where ZERO really is???? [ I’m headed to the Icebox for another beer!]
    Bless you and have a loving wonderful Xmas and New years.

  10. You too Ross. Enjoy and stay healthy! ♥ Frank