Caffé Ristorante Bergagna – Pont Canavese, TO Italy

© Vincenzo Aiosa
© Vincenzo Aiosa


4 responses to “Caffé Ristorante Bergagna – Pont Canavese, TO Italy

  1. Just wanted to say hello, our last names are the same, I don’t see that here in the states very often. I wonder if we are related somehow way back. My grand parents came here around 1910 or so. Hope you are well, Jim

  2. Hello !My name is Bergagna , also. I am living on small island (Oléron island)on the atlantic coast, near by La Rochelle in France. I am artist painter. you can go to visit my website.
    Excuse for my bad inglish language. I will be happy bif i receive of news to you. Daniel

  3. Amanda Bergagna


    Im a Bergagna as well. I have never met another Bergagna in the states. Interesting to see your posts.

  4. Scott Pancheri

    Hello, I think we are related through the Feira name. I am planning a trip to Italy and would welcome if you have any information on the pancheri or feira names. I am looking forward to your response.