Kit Kaplan’s Art – Reckitt’s Blue Too

© Kit Kaplan
© Kit Kaplan


4 responses to “Kit Kaplan’s Art – Reckitt’s Blue Too

  1. interesting concept, …. I have always found the ‘refuse’ if you will of the commercial or industrial world fascinating from a cultural perspective, maybe this is part of your motivation in the work?

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  3. From a visual anthropology point of view, these images are part of an urban landscape that can be jarring by their presence or sudden lack thereof. The uncovering of a fading ad has an urban archaeological depth of field both visually and historically. It speaks on demographic and paradigm shifts. Not to mention, global marketing and its insidiousness. The disappearance of an ad can indicate the rapid overdevelopment of neighborhoods and the dangers of corporate eminent domain and other acts of real estate thievery.

  4. well said………