Baby Snail – Flatbush Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump


4 responses to “Baby Snail – Flatbush Brooklyn

  1. excathedrian

    Hmm I’m no a snail expert, but I see no reason to believe thats not a young common garden snail (helix aspersa). Its cute though, and tiny!

    Nice photo blog! I take a lot of pictures, which can be found on flickr. In particular, I just posted a good picture of some wasps.

  2. Cool shots! Love the drainage pipes.


  3. Oh wow, these are great, my fav one tho is the third one where the little snail is in perfect focus and his surroundings are in in soft focus. Wonderful capture 🙂

  4. Thanks Max! These were fun too. It’s were I got the dime idea.