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Art Levine @ the Huffington Report

Huffington Report

Read about the partisan bickering over the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) – the acronym means “ship” in Dutch – but is more like a life-raft that has been deflated.

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US Commemorative Stamps

More on the Mayflower Barn

Death Notice
© Frank H. Jump

The back of William Penn’s grave and the holly were taken in Old Jordans. The images of Dr. Irving and myself were taken on the campus of the University of London in the same week in March 2001.

Thanks Dr. Andrew Irving!

For sale: Old Jordans and the Mayflower barn – preview

After nearly 100 years of Quaker ownership, the Old Jordans hotel and conference centre has been put on the market.

The sale package also includes the stable block, which was recently converted into a modern refectory, and the beautiful and historic Mayflower barn, reputedly built from the timbers of the ship that took the Pilgrim Fathers to the New World. The whole complex is expected to sell for around £2.5 million.

The property has been a part of Quaker life since as early as 1659 when William Russell, the owner of the land and a local farmer, held the first Quaker Meetings in the area. Also present at many of these early Meetings were George Fox, James Nayler and William Penn. The buildings passed out of Quaker ownership in 1738 but were reacquired in 1910 in a derelict state and converted into the guest house as we know it today.

Chris Bateman

Pete Anderson – Union Station

© Pete Anderson
© Pete Anderson

Union Station
Canal St. at Adams St., Chicago
September 2002

This is one of the first photos I took during a lunch hour excursion after taking my first job downtown. The man at the near end of the bench in the center inspired a brief “Alone in a Crowd” theme. – Pete Anderson

Pete- I think this is my favorite shot of yours so far!

I’ve since learned from Pete that this image has been used for the cover of the book  South Loop Review (and I received a copy in the mail). Thanks Pete!

Pete Anderson’s Painted Remainders: Anachronistic Advertisements of Days Passed

© Pete Anderson
© Pete Anderson

Midland Hotel
178 W. Adams St., Chicago
September 2002

I like this photo as both a “faded ad” for a defunct hotel (the Midland building is now the upscale W Hotel) and a view of the office tower just behind, 190 S. LaSalle Street, one of my favorite newer buildings downtown. The ad has subsequently been removed.- Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson’s Painted Remainders: Anachronistic Advertisements of Days Passed

© Pete Anderson
© Pete Anderson

Felt & Tarrant Manfacturing Co.
1711 N. Paulina St., Chicago
July 1999

Felt & Tarrant formerly produced the Comptometer, a primitive early computing device. Like many of the great surviving factories of the North Side, this building has been converted to loft space, this one notably being an artists’ center. – Pete Anderson

Lenox Lanes- Uptown Flavor Plus

© Uptown Flavor
© Uptown Flavor.com

I took some Photoshop liberties with this one. Hope you do not mind.


Omega Oil from UptownFlavor!

Omega Oil © Uptown Flavor
© Uptown Flavor (Bradhurst)

“I find these old ads painted on the sides of buildings interesting. I’m trying to capture as many as possible while they still exist. This one is located in the upper 140s off of 8th Avenue behind a police precinct.” Uptown Flavor