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Near Steamtown- Scranton, PA

I Spy Iron, Steel, Blacksmith, Wagonmakers, Supplies, Bicycles…

Blacksmith, Iron, Steel, Bicycles, Wagons

Franklin Avenue & Center Street- May 26, 2007 ©Frank H. Jump


I Am A Fading Ad

PFLAG Pride Truck 2006

Double Dutch Wiki

Allied Van Lines- Brooklyn, NY- March 2007

Allied Van Lines
McDonald Avenue near Church Avenue

In Memoriam of the Bee Die-off

© Frank H. Jump  2007

Gay Friendly Pennsylvania- post-Santorum

Bonwit Teller (close-up)- Phila, PA

Bonwit Teller- Phila, PA

Rob from Albrightsville, PA:

“The last 2 are also on Chestnut St – note the Bonwit Teller Sign in the background of the wider shot. Not sure they had stores in NY but I think Bonwit Teller was the Bloomies of the 50’s & 60’s in Phila.”

Freeman Auctioneers- Phila, PA

courtesy of Rob from Albrightsville, PA

Professional Building- Philadelphia, PA

Philly Professional Building

“Here’s a couple more from Philadelphia. The one with Liberty was taken around 18th & Chestnut. Can’t tell what it reads, professional something…. but the cell Antennas and the Liberty Tower behind it make a clear statement of progress…” Rob from Albrightsville, PA

Hallelujah – Jerry’s Dead

And I don’t think Ben & Jerry’s will be naming an ice-cream flavor after the Reverend Falwell. So ends a fount of hypocrisy and homophobic ranting. Good riddens to “hate disguised as love.”

Nostrand Avenue Renamed!

Nostrand Avenue & Glenwood Rd

Brooklyn’s Junction @ Flatbush was briefly renamed. It was replaced today with the correct spelling. Wondering how much that cost New Yorkers in taxes to misspell, install, uninstall and reinstall?

Baby Ruth Candy under construction.

Baby Ruth Candy
May 12, 2007 Delancey Street

Curtis’s Candy Co., Delancey Street

Baby Ruth Candy
May 12, 2007

Homosexual Behavior in Dolphins

“…a mechanism that glues societies together.”