King Midas Flour & Israel Greenberger Grocer

King Midas
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  3. i am trying to find this flour all over to make pasta. why isn’t this in any stores
    in luzerne county. i was always in mr. Z and weis markets

  4. Barbara-
    I’m not a big shopper, but I believe King Midas has lost his golden touch. Kidding aside, they haven’t been around in a while. Here is some info about King Midas. Perhaps your pasta can do with some Gold Medal. Leave the golden touch to the King of future’s past.


  5. David Smith

    Twenty five years ago, I noticed an advertisement painted on a brick row house in Chester, Pa. I wanted to photograph it but never got around to it. Last year, I decided to take a day off from work and take some pictures. When I got there, it was covered by stucco. Just that side of the building. Do you know where I can get a picture of the logo?

    David Smith

  6. why is it called king midas flour king midas had a golden touch what does that have to do with flour