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Gay Friendly Pennsylvania- post-Santorum

Bonwit Teller (close-up)- Phila, PA

Bonwit Teller- Phila, PA

Rob from Albrightsville, PA:

“The last 2 are also on Chestnut St – note the Bonwit Teller Sign in the background of the wider shot. Not sure they had stores in NY but I think Bonwit Teller was the Bloomies of the 50’s & 60’s in Phila.”

Freeman Auctioneers- Phila, PA

courtesy of Rob from Albrightsville, PA

Professional Building- Philadelphia, PA

Philly Professional Building

“Here’s a couple more from Philadelphia. The one with Liberty was taken around 18th & Chestnut. Can’t tell what it reads, professional something…. but the cell Antennas and the Liberty Tower behind it make a clear statement of progress…” Rob from Albrightsville, PA