Six Years Ago Today

Soho, London
Soho, London – March 21, 2001 © Frank H. Jump


4 responses to “Six Years Ago Today

  1. A charming example and quite rare to find one so central in London where every piece of available wall is used for advertising modern goods and services. The address of the clothes shop appears to be ‘2 Little Crown Court’ but I’m not sure whether this is where the sign is too?

  2. What are you doing up so late! LOL!


  3. David Tinney helped me out on this one as I’ve seen a photo from him too. He wrote:

    “The sign in question is great, probably from the 1880’s, advertising capes and top hats. It is located in a little pedestrian street called Tisbury Court, between Rupert St. and Wardour St., on the Rupert St. end. Above striptease joint.”

    This is in the heart of Soho London UK.